Gastronomy at Mar del Plata

In Mar del Plata, the gastronomic sector has a wide variety of options for tourists and for local visitors who want a getaway near the coast. However, Mar del Plata is a city known for being one of the most variable and diverse in offers for activities, entertainment, and food.

From gourmet cuisine to dishes at affordable prices, the cuisine at "La Feliz" (named like this by its inhabitants) stands out above all for its freshly caught fish and shellfish. The city has from the typical Argentine “bodegón” to restaurants near the port make you fall in love with their views of Mar del Plata: barges, seagulls, and sea lions resting in the tranquility of the sea can be seen at all hours in this typical postcard site. 

Pasta with seafood in the marinara style, paellas, sushi, and different types of fish and shellfish are just some of the classic dishes that Mar del Plata offers for its tourists and citizens.

"Shrimp Pasta", Lo de Tata, Mar del Plata

In the case of "Lo de Fran Cocina de Mar" and "Lo de Tata", they stand out for being “bodegones” with flavors of the sea, with an offer of fresh and very tasty fish, developing haute cuisine dishes with incredible attention. They are the freshest restaurants in the city, but with an international stamp. With abundant and delicious dishes, they are also recommended to visit with the family after a long day at the beach.

"Rabas", Santa Rita, Mar del Plata

Another notable local restaurant is "Santa Rita", which has been in Mar del Plata for 40 years, but they have taken an important turn in their cuisine since today the 3rd generation is in charge. Located in the Commercial Center of the Port, it offers a self-service dynamic. The remarkable thing about this place is the variety of sea dishes, with the quality and freshness of the day's catch. Their squid and prawn patties are especially recommended, they are also an excellent alternative since they have options suitable for celiacs.

To get out of the routine and try something different, we recommend "Asian Ghetto", a not so typical Argentine cantina, which stands out within this aspect for being the first Asian food restaurant in Mar del Plata based on fresh products from the Argentine coast. It makes you fall in love with its friendly treatment, prevailing an Asian food menu with resources from the Argentine sea, and the best selection of Argentine boutique wines. Among the drinks, there are also beers from the Philippines. With a more urban facade than the previous ones, the place is striking for its neon signs, vintage images of dragons, and Asian iconography.

The beauty of the city and its beaches, the affordable prices, the variety of offers, the diversity of activities, and the entertainment and walks are some of the reasons why tourists would visit Mar del Plata again. This seaside resort will always remain a classic for summer holidays and weekend getaways. At the same time, its attractive and à la carte restaurants specializing in fresh fish food, counting the possibility of eating with a view of the sea, make it one of the favorite culinary destinations on the coast.