What to see in Argentina


Tourist places to visit

Buenos Aires: an emblematic city full of history and art, formed by a mixture of neighbourhoods with different personalities.
  • The glaciers of El Calafate: the well-known Perito Moreno and the not so well known but equally impressive Upsala Glacier. 
  • Iguazu Falls: a real natural spectacle, both on the Argentine and Brazilian side.
  • Península Valdés: one of the best places in the world to see whales and penguins (from July to December)
  • Salta and Jujuy: located in the north of the country and near the border with Bolivia, it is perhaps the least known area of the country and for us the most authentic. Here you'll see llamas, huge salt pans at over 3,000 metres, mountains of thousands of colours, giant cacti
  • Ushuaia: the so-called end of the world, the northernmost place in the continent full of history and adventure, sailing through the Beagle Channel.


Things to do in Argentina (attractions):
  • Trekking with crampons on the Perito Moreno glacier: not a great expedition but a great adventure!
  • Sailing among the icebergs of the Upsala Glacier: not as adventurous as the previous one, but much more impressive!
  • Eating pasta in a good Italian restaurant: you will notice then what is the origin of most Argentinians!
  • Learn to dance tango in Buenos Aires.