Culture & Religion

Argentina’s population background is made of mixes between indigenous autochthones and European colons (Spanish, French and Italian mostly). These two descendants are very clearly distinguished and the cleavage between black and white omnipresent. Conflicts based on them are plentiful, especially when it comes to land property as indigenous endlessly ask for the restitution of the lands taken by the colons. The desert conquest is too far back (1880) for justice to be made, genocide has drastically reduced their population and their way of living can’t (and shouldn’t) be adapted to the modern country that Argentina is becoming.

The national language is Castellano, it simply is Spanish, containing many variations! Some words mean something different or simply do not exist, but overall grammar and conjugation are identical. Indigenous languages from the Quechuas, Qoms, and Mapuches amongst others have almost disappeared, and are solely used within the communities.

The catholic religion has been violently imposed on Autochtone populations: Young ladies were kidnapped and raised in convents, young boys were sold to serve in the capital’s houses. In one century, and practice of the various communities’ spirituality has been reduced to private circle practice only. Today 97% of Argentina’s are Catholic, 2% are Jewish. Secularism is respected even if the Constitution names Catholicism as the national religion. Pride of the believers: Pope Francis is from Argentina!

Argentina’s culture is therefore not homogeneous at all; in such a big country that would be a surprise! Tango is only popular in Buenos Aires, everywhere else one dance Chacarrera or Cueca; and a gaucho is an independent breeder that lives in the mountain; not in a pampa’s estancia. The only way to know the culture of a country is to visit it!