Tourism after quarantine in Argentina

The ideal is to take time to relax. And what is better than traveling?

Nerves, routine changes, daily problems, sleep disorders were aggravated by the quarantine in the country. To keep stress levels under control, the ideal is to take time to relax. And what is better than traveling?

The act of traveling, from now on reflects calm and disconnection from so much work.

We recommend destinations where the localities are less known or emerging, with abundant nature away from the big cities, to avoid the crowding of people and excess tourism.


 Dique Potrerillos, Mendoza, Argentina.

Located on the Andes Mountains, in the Luján de Cuyo Department, in the province of Mendoza. Its framework of natural beauty, reservoir waters, ideal for solarium activities, sailing, windsurfing, boating and sport fishing together with a mountain environment turns it into a great tourist and recreational environment at an international level.

It offers various types of adventure tourism: rafting, trekking, ascents, hiking, mountain biking. The best-known activities to carry out are: expeditions to the El Salto stream and horseback riding to the Rincón de los Oscuros, an area of ​​mineral springs with a beautiful waterfall.

The range of tourist proposals make it an ideal place to disconnect.


  Cachi, Salta, Argentina

Small town located within the Calchaquí Valleys in the province of Salta at an altitude higher than 2500 meters, in the North of the country, presenting historical tourism and mountaineering. It is surrounded by imposing mountains of more than 5000 meters of altitude, being very common tourist hiking activities.

Around the Central Plaza, Spanish colonial style abounds. There is the Church of Cachi, built in the 19th century, it has been declared a National Historic Monument. Also, in front of the square is the Pío Pablo Díaz Archaeological Museum, which already has more than 5,000 pieces that bear witness to a period of 10,000 years ago.

Some 10 kilometers to the south-southwest of Cachi is an important set of ruins called Puerta de La Paya, considered the old pre-Hispanic site of the city of Chicoana that later, in the seventeenth century, was moved to its current and Hispanic location.


 Trevelin, Chubut, Argentina

This town is located in the Patagonia region, Chubut province, very close to the Andes Mountains, being a very calm and natural destination. It is located in an area with large lakes, rivers, ponds, mountains, expanses of forests, and grasslands. Los Alerces National Park is easily accessible from it, representing one of the great natural tourist attractions of the province.
It has historical, cultural and natural tourism, due to the strong Welsh heritage reflected in its Nant Fach Museum, housed in an old flour mill. Sports fishing such as fly fishing and spinning are also carried out (fully regulated).


 Nono, Cordoba, Argentina

The town is an obligatory stop within the Traslasierra Valley, just 150 kilometers from the capital city of Cordoba. Being one of the oldest towns in the area, it presents historical and cultural tourism, founded at the end of the 1700s. It preserves buildings of the time. Its hills and rivers form perfect landscapes for horseback riding and hiking activities.

The attractions that make Nono one of the places most chosen by tourism are many, we can start with its renowned Rocsen museum, this multifaceted museum brings together more than 20 thousand pieces brought from all over the world and of the most diverse types.

The park is another of the attractions of Nono, the buildings that surround it give it an air of a small town stopped in time, in addition, the municipal fair of crafts and regional products takes place; according to many one of the most interesting craft fairs in the area.