Bucket List for Argentina Holidays

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Argentina has all this and much more that will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Argentina stands out for being one of the most geographically diverse countries, containing from vast deserts and urban centers to mountains covered by glaciers. Argentina has all this and much more that will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

It is impossible to cover the entire country in a single visit and for this reason, it is a good idea to have a list of must-see and priority places before exploring it further. On this occasion we will mention some of the essential places to get to know Argentina for the first time, starting the journey from the northernmost area to the southern part of the country.

Spend the day touring Buenos Aires and discover the Buenos Aires nightlife

Buenos Aires is the central city of the country that dazzles for its architectural beauty and its cultural diversity. From sightseeing tours to the most emblematic museums and neighborhoods during the day to tours of the best bars in the city, Buenos Aires offers its visitor a place always full of life and numerous cultural proposals.

Avenue Julie 9 (Avenida 9 de Julio) , Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Visit the Cerro de los Siete Colores in Purmamarca, Jujuy

Immersed in the picturesque town of Purmamarca is the iconic hill that receives its name thanks to the different and varied colors that stain its surface due to the different mineral deposits it houses. The north of Argentina has mountains and landscapes of the most diverse, the "Cerro de Los Siete Colores" is a clear example and is ideal for any amateur photographer who wants to create an image worthy of a postcard.

Travel on the Train to Las Nubes in Salta

Although this attraction is not the most named, it is undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable experiences when it comes to getting to know the country. The train takes this name since it has an altitude of more than 4000 meters! This is why it was established as one of the highest altitude trains in the world.

Your tour begins in San Antonio de Los Cobres, a town near the capital of the province, and ends in La Polvorilla. Originally it used to cross the Cordillera de Los Andes, today it has a 21 km route, so its extension has been significantly reduced, making it possible to know other places in the area. The final stop allows 30 minutes to marvel at this picturesque region and take pictures of the vantage points that offer their unique views of the clouds.

Get to know the Iguazu Falls in Misiones and tour its ecological reserve

Chosen as one of the seven wonders of the world, 80% of the 275 jumps that make them up are on the Argentine side (and the remaining 20% ​​on the Brazilian side). The latter reaches up to 80 meters in height, being one of the most imposing "The devil's throat". Various tours can take you deep into this incredible landscape. However, the adventure does not end there, being in the middle of a National Park, the place has a large ecological reserve full of native flora and fauna characteristic of the missionary jungle. This activity could take at least a full day to travel in its entirety.

Mendoza winemaking tour

Mendoza is recognized for being the province with the best vineyards in the country, with worldwide recognition in many cases. Taking a tour of one of its wineries is one of the most interesting excursions if you visit the region. There are infinite variations of wines to taste and it can be done in conjunction with an excellent gourmet meal if you go through one of the many wine routes that the place has to offer.

Drive along the Seven Lakes road from Bariloche to San Martín de Los Andes

Either by bus or by car, the "Route of the Seven Lakes" is undoubtedly one of the most famous and indispensable routes if you visit southern Argentina. It is a path that runs through the most recognized lakes and mountains in the region, with impressive views and landscapes. It is worth every minute invested in touring it and we recommend doing it without haste, if you do it by car it is best to take the time to make stops at the viewpoints it offers.

We cannot fail to mention that Bariloche is the capital of chocolate and, therefore, before embarking on a trip it is imperative to stop by one of its typical chocolate shops in the center of the town.

San Martin de los Andes, Neuquen, Argentina.
It is difficult to limit the essential activities of Argentina, a country with such a rich culture and the most varied landscapes. Even so, these are some of the most remarkable that will endure over time in the memory of every tourist.