Argentina is spread over 2,7 million square kilometers from the tip of the South American continent; it is as big as five-time the length of France! This hugeness means a lot of landscape variety: To the East: The Atlantic Ocean with almost 5000 km of coastline; to the West, the Andin Cordillera with Aconcagua, reaching 6960m height; to the North the tropical forest of Iguazu or the deserted planes of Jujuy; to the South the Ushuaia glaciers. Right in the center, we can find the famous pampa, including the capital; Buenos Aires, the second-largest metropole of the continent by its size.

Patagonia is a geographic zone, splatted politically between Chile and Argentina, and between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, going through Andean Cordillera and Pampa; on barely more than a million square kilometers.

Road 40 goes through the country, going along the Andean Cordillera for 5301 km. Kilometer 0 of the road used to be right in its center, in Chaos Malala, that was equidistant from Ushuaia to La Quiaca. But the pavement of the road has altered the route, and the way kilometers are counted. However, the memory of this center still has its monument in the city of Chaos Malay!