The climate is indeed as diverse as the landscapes! In summer the 45 – 50 degrees of the North-West of Argentina is hardly bare able, in winter the -20 / -30 of the extreme-South are hardly bare able either! So, it is important to define the right time to visit. Otherwise; the climate is mild; Buenos Aires is at the same distance from the Equateur as Berlin. Apart from the Pampa that is a humid plain, convenient for agriculture and breeding, and from the North-East where the climate is sub-tropical, the rest of the territory is semi-desert.

The Neuquen province, located North of the Argentinian Patagonia, where the SOLIECOL invites you is a semi-dry steppe where the wind blows very strongly and where it (almost) never rains. Temperatures are similar to the ones in Europe, down to -10 degrees in winter and up to +30 degrees in summer.